For Employers

Our mission:

At Nordresource our top priority is our client. We are eager to provide high standard services, fulfill our clients needs and maintain successful partnership for a long term.

We will fulfill your requirements:

In todays competitive business environment, companies must be flexible in order to stay ahead of competition. Acquiring the knowledge and understanding of your needs, we will provide the best possible solution for your organization using our quality service.

We will take care of everything:

Nordresource will take care of your personnel needs, necessary documentation, work contracts, insurance, will make sure wages and taxes are paid on time and will provide accident prevention training.

Your success is our success:

At NordResource we care for our personnel and partners. We base our work relationship on commitment, social responsibility and trust. We are honest, truthful and we will meet all our promises to our clients. We believe that this is the key to achieve long-term business relationship and mutual success.