About Us

NordResource is an innovative workforce solutions company, that provides personnel services to organizations across the regions of Scandinavia and Baltics. At Nordresource our main goal is to operatively build a connection between employers and those who wish to work and maintain that connection at the highest possible level. This goal can be achieved by discussing and acquiring the deep understanding of your company’s personnel needs, corporate culture, business strategy and then providing the best workforce solution for your organization.

At the moment NordResource delivers these services:

Personnel lease. The employee is employed by NordResource which manages all necessary documentation, makes work contracts, makes sure wages and taxes are paid on time, provides accident prevention training, but the employee physically works in NordResource partners work environment.

Personnel selection, assessment and recruitment. NordResource selects and transfers the employee to the direct employer with whom the work contract is signed.

  • Qualified and motivated candidates
  • Quality labour
  • Speed to fill
  • Consistency      

Contract services. NordResource has constantly expanding skillful employees database. The company can recruit the employees for a specific timeframe to perform certain tasks to the third parties.

We and our partners have tools and resources to carry out the direct search of employees in Europe. Using our network and constantly expanding database, we have an opportunity to choose the best candidates for positions required.